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Faculty of Pharmacy Offering Graduation Research and Preparing for Summer Vacation
2023 - 06 - 21

Eager to lay the hands of the students on their graduation research , the Deanship of the College of Pharmacy at the university of Alkafeel provides them with the opportunity to search for the requirements of their projects as the summer vacation is about to happen. In this regard, a committee was formed to distribute scientific research projects to the supervising professors, headed by Prof. Dr. Muhammad Dakhil Al-Rikabi and the membership of Asst.Prof.Dr. Muhammad Mohsen Abdel-Hussein and Asst. Lectur. Karrar Sadiq Al-`Alaq . The committee took the initiative in distributing research projects in the presence of all fourth-year students and a group of distinguished professors.

    It is noteworthy that the College of Pharmacy sets such a threshold to create a research mentality in its students to be distinguished researchers in various scientific aspects related to their specialization.