Al-Kafeel University concludes the table tennis and table tennis tournament

Under the patronage of the President of Al-Kafeel University, Dr. Nawras Muhammad Shahid Al-Dahan, Al-Kafeel University concluded the tennis and table tennis tournament today, Saturday, 01/30/2021, which was held at the university hall for four days, in which students from university faculties competed.

The College of Pharmacy won first place through the student Jaafar Hassan Naser 

and second place from the The share of the College of Dentistry was for Kazem Nouri Murad 

The third place was won by the College of Medical and Health Technologies by the student Muhammad Baqir Hassan, and the fourth place was concluded in the College of Dentistry by student Muhammad Khaled Abdullah

The four winners were honored by the Assistant President of the University for Administrative Affairs, Assistant Professor Dr. Firas Kamel Muhammad Al-Asfour.

About the Division

General information about the Student Activities Division

The Presidency of Student Affairs is responsible for implementing and supervising various student activities. It is the responsibility of preparing them educationally, socially, culturally and athletically in a safe environment that provides comfort and psychological stability for students and helps them to adapt to university education, which is positively reflected on their scientific excellence, God willing. As well as emphasizing the consolidation of Islamic principles and values and the heritage of this generous country through various lectures and seminars .

Student Activities:

Is a set of programs Sports, cultural, social and artistic activities are practiced by students in their spare time away from the classroom, to grow positively towards certain goals in order to achieve them, and the students are its goal and focus.


The student activity should be the first outlet for students to highlight their talents and develop their various skills.


Providing a range of sports, cultural, social and artistic activities in a way that suits all students and works to discover their talents, develop their skills and gain them various knowledge that builds their personalities and protects them from the risks they may face, in a safe environment that allows them to adapt and be compatible with university life and society.

Sports activities

Where sports activities include the following sports:

  • Five-a-side football
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Table tennis
  • Badminton
  • Arcade and field championship
Objectives of Student Activities Programs
  • Introducing university students to the characteristics of the Muslim community and supporting the role of university youth in achieving the ideals of their society and nation.
  • Providing the university student with sound preparation in all respects. Intellectual, physical and social activities through practicing activities in various fields.
  •  Raising the university student's ability to read and comprehend and open horizons of knowledge in front of him so that his culture does not stop at the limit of the specialized book, but extends to include lecture, seminar and research The competition, formation and university theater according to the values and teachings of our Muslim community. Manifestations of human behavior, which elevates human relations between them through collective cooperation in the practice of their university life.
  • Conscious interaction with global civilizational developments and fields of human knowledge and benefiting from their sources in accordance with the teachings of Islam
  • Satisfying the desires and tendencies of the university student through guided practice educationally and pedagogically and benefit from the university’s sports facilities.
  • Spreading sports awareness, sports culture and health teachings among university students.
  • Contributing to building the university student's integrated personality. And work on preparing it to assume responsibility and cooperate in daring, leadership, self-confidence, volunteering, and strengthening belonging to the homeland and the nation.

Tasks and Duties

Tasks and duties of the Student Activities Department 

  • Managing the division's affairs and appointing supervisors for sports tournaments.
  • Prepare the agenda of the periodic meetings of university sports directors and officials of sports divisions in universities, bodies and private colleges.
  • Submit a proposal for a plan for sports tournaments to be adopted in the academic year and supervise its implementation in the places and times specified in the plan after adopting them.
  • Issuing regulations and instructions for sports tournaments and circulating them to universities and adhering to them to ensure the proper conduct of tournaments.
  • Following up the progress of university sports tournaments and appointing referees to manage these tournaments. Submit reports on the results of sports tournaments for the purpose of adopting them in the evaluation system for colleges.
  • Encouraging students to participate in sports forums.
  • Deciding on objections submitted by colleges during tournaments and forming special committees to consider with these objections and submitting their reports to the department.
  • Create a database for the division.

 Tasks and Duties of the Artistic and Cultural Division

The objective of the division is to develop students' artistic talents, raise their artistic and cultural level, and work to benefit students from the field of art in other disciplines.

The benefit of student activities is to invest students' free time in matters that develop their university personality and give art and culture an important role in building bridges of acquaintance and communication with other universities inside and outside the country for the purpose of exchanging Experiences in its various fields and among the duties of the specialized professors and supervisors of the technical units in the Artistic and Cultural Activities Division are:

  • Supervising the training and teaching of students.
  • Managing scientific and recreational trips.
  • Supervising the volunteer work of students.
  • Developing a cultural and artistic curriculum to develop students' talents in the following specializations: (Plastic Arts) which includes (drawing – Sculpture & ceramics; Calligraphy & Ornament; DIY crafts & glass painting), (theater unit, sewing and detailing unit, and print and press design unit).
  • Developing the creative side of students by empowering the student’s ability to use the available senses and the ability to imagine, organize, link information and shapes in the surrounding environment, discover relationships and laws, and solve Problems in that environment.
  • Develop an annual curriculum for technical activities in line with the specializations in the division as well as training programs, and all technical units participate in this annual curriculum.

Student Activities Curriculum

Alkafeel university sport activates for 2023





Euphrates University

Table Tennis


Future University




Scouting Skills


University of Babylon

Rover Training Course



Parade and Field


University of Baghdad

International Race


University of Baghdad



Euphrates University

Scouting Course


Future University






Al-Noor University

Development Course

The internal curriculum for student activities for the academic year 2020/2021




Activity Name



Sports Hall

Table Tennis Length



Halls of the Faculties and Scientific Departments

Organizing Acquaintance Parties for First-Stage Students



ZOOM Location

Al-Kafeel University's Electronic Short Film Festival







ZOOM's Website

Al-Kafeel University's Electronic Short Story Competition



Al-Kafeel University Stadium

Badminton Championship




Al-Kafeel University Exhibition for Fine Arts and Applied



University Gardens

Organizing a Campaign for Afforestation of University Gardens


Throughout the Academic Year

Various Locations

Organizing Religious, Entertainment and Scientific Trips


From 3/23/2021

Five-Story Stadium Rental

Football Championship


3/3/ - 4/2021


Volunteer Work Program of Al-Kafeel University


Throughout the Academic Year, Weekly

Halls of the Faculties and Scientific Departments

Human Development Lectures for All University Students and Scientific Departments




Arcade and Field Championship


Spring and Summer Breaks


Scout Camps for All University Students and Scientific Departments


Throughout the Academic Year (Flexible Date)

Various Charitable Locations

Volunteer Visits to Orphanages and Charitable Institutions for All University Students


Throughout the Academic Year (Flexible Date)

Halls of the Faculties and Scientific Departments

Organizing Several Meetings (Various Forums)