University of Salah aldeen / Erbil
College of Pharmacy
Preparation and characterization of: Organic compound, Some polymer, ion exchange chromatography. Application of
Quantitative and Qualitative IR studies of some synthesized Aromatic polysulfide J. Appl . . Sci. 1986
تنقية الهكسان الصناعي من المركبات العطرية
Purification of natural hexane from aromatic compound J .Oil engineer 2001
Preparation of new soil conditioner J. Ibn alhaitham for pure sceince 2002
Preparation of strong cation exchange resin J. Almustansiria of sceince 2002
Preparation of chloro methyl ether J. of engineer2001
Regeneration of styrene and divinylbenzene from polymers by thermal analysis J. Ibn alhaitham for pure sceince 2001
Thermal analysis of poly butadiene J.of al kufa for chemical science 2011
Immobilization of Urease Enzyme on Anion Exchange Resin J. of babylon 2012
Preparation and biological Activity of silver(I) and gold(I) -N-heterocyclic carbene Complexes with 1,2,3-triazole ring Technology Reports of Kansai University 2021
Activity and stability of urease enzyme immobilized on Amberlite resin Ovidius University Annals of Chemistry 2020
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