University of Sheffield
Colleges Dentistry
Dentistry, Dental materials,
1. Evaluation of abrasive wear resistance of polymethyl methacrylate material reinforced with zirconium and dental stone
November 2019Drug Invention Today 11(11):3081-3084
2. Electrospinning approaches for periodontal regeneration: A review
November 2019Drug Invention Today 11(11):2917-2926
3. Oral Health Care Utilization of Internally Displaced Migrants Residing in Al-Najaf City
February 2019Indian Journal of Public Health Research and Development 10(2):675

4. The Accuracy of Fit of Crowns Made From Wax Patterns Produced Conventionally (Hand Formed) and Via CAD/CAM Technology
EJPRD 2016
طبيبة اسنان في وزارة الصحة