Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
College of Medicine
Laparoscopic Surgery
"1- Simple Ligation Technique of Appendiceal Stump in Appendictomy Iraqi Medical Journal 2002
2-Appendiceal Mucocoele.Qadisiya Medical Journal
3-Excision and Primary Closure Modality in Treating a Pilinidal Sinus Disease.Kufa Medical Journal
4-Clinical Presentation and Managementof Thyroglossal Ducts and Cysts.Iraqi Postgraduate Medical Journal
5- Outcomes of Laparoscopic Appendictomy in AlDiwaniya Teaching Hospital Indian Journal of Public Health Research and
6- The Rationale of Critical View of Safety in Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy.Qadisiya Medical Journal"
"2012-2021 Head of Laparoscopic Centre in AlDiwaniya Teaching Hospital
2012-2021 Head of Laparoscopic Committee in Directorate of Health in Diwaniya
2010-2016 Member in Consultation committee of Laparoscopic Surgery in Ministry of Health
2004-2009 Head of Department of Surgery in Diwaniya Teaching Hospital
2010-2021 Supervisor in Arabic Board for Health Specialization
2010-2021 Supervisor and Examiner in Iraqi Board for Medical Specialization"