Baghdad University College of Medicine
The Collage of Medicine
"A- Published research papers in medical journals also delivered in medical orthopaedic conferences. B- Taking part in discussion and delivering tal"
Short list of publications of some research papers published in medical journals, written and
referenced according to Vancouver style.
1-Al- Shadedi A.M., Al-aubaidi M., Al-Kilabi A
“percutaneous pinning of extension type of Supracondyler fracture of humorous in children” Kufa medical ه, 2001; vol. 4 No1; 81-86.
2-Al- Shadedi, Ali M. “A study of early treatment of clubfeet” Al- Kufa journal, of medicine and
basic science; 2001, vol. 5 No2, 67-74.
3-Al- Shadedi A.M. “irradiation by depleted uranium and congenital deficiency of the tibia
Kufa ، (Case Report).” 2002, vol5, No2. 156- 161. medical journal
4-Al- Shadedi A.M. “A retrospective study of therapeutic and microbiological aspect of
infection in orthopaedics”.
A letter of acceptance from ministry of health/Dept. of technical affairs
No.4/5/20/785,dated 11th.Jan.1991.
5- Al-shadedi A.M., Hnoosh A.H., Mustafa L.M.
“Functional Bracing in the management of
Diaphyseal Fracture of tibia”. Iraqi post-graduate medical journal, 2008, Vol.7, No, 4.295-303.
6-Al-shadedi A.M. "Conservative treatment of
Clubfoot (Ponseti method". Kufa medical Journal 2008, Vol.11, No.2, 151-157.
7-Al-shadedi A.M., Hnoosh, A.H., Al-dulaymi T.K. “Simple carpal ligament release versus release plus epineurotomy in the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome. [A comparative study].Journal of Baghdad Faculty of Medicine, Vol.50.No.4, 2008.4007-4009.
8-Al-shadedi A.M.S…Study of median nerve compression following colle's fracture reduction anaesthesia A comparative Study. (Accepted
under publication).Kufa Medical Journal.
9-Prevlance of Pressure sores in patients on orthopaedic wards .[Epidemiological study]. publication in Iraqi Postgraduate Medical Journal.
10- Irradiation by debleted uranium and congenital deficiency of tibia( intercalary longitudinal pre-axial tibial hemimia).Published in kufa Medical Journal."
"- Lecturer in orthopaedic surgery in Kufa medical college.
-training the medical students and junior surgeons of Kufa medical college in orthopaedics.
-training of junior doctor in orthopaedics in the teaching hospital – Najaf.

- Supervision, training And lecturing in orthopaedics for the students of Iraqi board of orthopaedic surgery [post- graduate
study ].
-Establishing the orthopaedic surgery diploma study in orthopaedic
department for the college of medicine – Kufa
university in1987-1991.
- Supervising the postgraduate students and establishing the Kufa centre for the Iraqi
scientific board for orthopaedic surgery
Special experiences in :
- Trauma and accident and war surgery.
- Paediatric orthopaedic surgery.
-Special training in Orthoplasty and Orthroscopy at University of Kentucky/ USA.
Honours & Distinction:
Letters of honours and distinction presented from various authorities in Iraq including ministry of health and higher education and ministry of defence."