University of Alkafeel University Organizing Commemorational Husseini Session
2023 - 08 - 05

    On Saturday 5 August 2023 the university of Alkafeel gave adoption to a Husseini session on the occasion of the martyrdom of the son of the daughter of the Messenger of Allah , may Allah bless him and his family, imam Al-Hussein , his family and companions in the great tragedy of Al-Taff . The attendants were respectively the university chancellor , Prof. Dr. Nawras Mohammed Shaheed Al-Dahan, vice-chancellor for scientific affairs , Asst. Prof.Dr. Nawal Ayed Al-Mayali, the deans of the faculties , their vice-deans , the teaching staff, heads of departments and the personnel .

    The Hussaini Council began with a verse from the Glorious Quran recited by Ahmed Al-Zamili from the Glorious Quran Institute of Holy Al-Abbas Shrine - Najaf branch Then His Eminence Sheikh. Qudamah Munther Al-Khudari ascended the pulpit to narrate the tragedy of Imam Al-Hussein and his family in  Al-Taff and what happened to them in terms of injustice and aggression from the tyrants of their time. The emphasis falls on the assault on the sanctuary of the Messenger of Allah that could be an assault on Allah Almighty. Here all the pages of history were blackened at the time of tyrants who assaulted Allah if they had known and perceived . In the occasion there was surat Al-Fatihah reciting on the soul of Nadhim Muhammad Ismail Al-Hamdani, an employee in the university, who died last Wednesday. It is to ask Allah to set him with Muhammad and his family.