In the Saddle University of Alkafeel to Receive Muharram in Black
2024 - 07 - 06

With the advent of Muharram and the anniversary of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him), University of Alkafeel announced that its campus and institutes will be clad in black be draped in black in memory of the pure blood that sacrifices in defense of freedom, dignity and religion.

     On Saturday, 7/6/2024, the chancellor of Alkafeel University, Prof. Dr. Nawras Mohammed Shaheed Al-Dahan, directed that the entrance to the university campus and its colleges be attired in black banners in mourning for Imam Hussein (peace be upon him). Dr. Al-Dahan said that this initiative comes as an expression of loyalty and sincerity to Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) and his eternal message of freedom and release  from oppression .

    The Maintenance Section incharge , Eng. Hani Abdel Wahid, said that the technical staff began spreading paintings and black banners in all the university campus, in accordance with the directives of the University chancellor . He pointed out that the university remembers the religious stances of Ahlalbayt (peace be upon them) periodically, adhering the approach of Imam al-Sadiq (peace be upon him) : “May Allah have mercy on our Shiites. They were created from the best of our clay and kneaded with the water of our state. They grieve for our sorrow and rejoice for our joy.”

    This step comes to enhance the status of Ashura in the hearts of believers, and emphasizes the importance of remembering the great sacrifices made by Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) , his family and companions for the sake of truth and justice. Through this initiative, the university seeks to empower awareness of the values and principles of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him) among students and society.