Archiving Methods and Files Indexing
2022 - 07 - 04

Under the patronage of the esteemed Chancellor of Alkafeel University, Prof. Dr. Nawras M. Al-Dahan, Alkafeel University, under the supervision of the Training and Continuing Education Division, in cooperation with the Central Library Division at the university, held a workshop on the "Archiving Methods and Files Indexing"

Lectured by: Mr. Nazim M. Isma'el

Target groups: The directors of the offices of the Chancellor's Building, scientific and Administrative Assistants, and Deans of Faculties, In addition to human resources, registration and to whom it may concern

Date : 30th of January 2022

Date : 2022-01-30 To :2022-01-30
Time :
10:11 AM
10:11 AM
By Program: Archiving Methods and Files Indexing