A workshop by Al-Sabah Company "Fiber to the Home"
2022 - 08 - 27

In coordination with Al-Sabah Company Information Technology Department held in cooperation with the College of Technical Engineering a workshop entitled, Fiber to The Home, on Wednesday morning, 08/17/2022 in the College of Technical Engineering. The workshop was attended by the Dean of the College of Technical Engineering at the university, Assistant Professor Ali Jassim Ramadan Al-Amiri, and the university personnel. Eng. Qusai Karam Muhammad, a member of the technical department of the Al-Sabah Company, FTTH project-invested, lectured on the adoption of optical cable, characterized by high speed as it reaches remote places,is impenetrable and not affected by the magnetic field. The workshop resulted in a number of project-related recommendations related.

Date : 2022-08-17 To :2022-08-17
Time :
10:33 AM
12:33 PM
By Program: College of Engineering
Open To: all