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Alkafeel University's Contribution in Sustaining Communities: A Scientific Lecture on "Drugs of abuse"
2022 - 11 - 20

The College of Pharmacy at Alkafeel University, under the auspices of the University's Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Nawras Aldahan, held a scientific lecture on "Drugs of Abuse" on Sunday, November 20, 2022, which was presented by Prof. Dr. Mustafa Gh. Al-Abbasi, a lecturer at the college. 

      He explained the causes of addiction: The patient is addicted to drug abuse due to its psychotropic substances which gives him a feeling of comfort and satisfaction. Due to this feeling, he seeks to take these substances continuously to obtain the same effect, and thus leads to habituation and then addiction. 

      Identifying the best solutions, the latest approved treatment methods for the recovery of abusers were discussed, including the opening of centers for the treatment of addiction to psychotropic substances in all Iraqi governorates.