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More into Community : University of Alkafeel in Commemoration of the martyrdom of Imam Ali Al-Hadi
2023 - 01 - 28

    University of Alkafeel on Saturday, 28 January, 2023, runs to memorialize the martyrdom anniversary of Ali Al-Hadi , peace be upon him , in the University Presidency building. At the occasion there were the university chancellor, Prof. Dr. Nawras Muhammad Shahid Al-Dahan, Vice-Chancellor for Scientific Affairs , Asst. Prof. Dr.Nawal Al-Mayali, colleges deans ,teaching staff members and personnel . The Mourning session takes the initiative with  an ayat from the Glorious Quran recited by Mr. Thuafaqar Al-Sa`abari, then the reverend sheikh. Abdullah Al-Dujaili ascended the Al-Husseini pulpit to trace the honest chronicle of the Imam , peace be upon him , and his confrontation with the tyrannical despots of his time : "Imam Al-Hadi persisted in suffering from the injustice and oppression of the rulers until being poisoned as his immaculate fathers  had been either , a salute to him on the day of his birth, on the day of ascending imamate, on the day of his martyrdom and on the day of his raising from the dead .