University of Alkafeel Awareness Team : A Symposium at University of Kufa
2023 - 03 - 13

    Under the patronage of University of Alkafeel chancellor , Prof. Dr. Nawras Mohammed Shaheed Al-Dahan, the University of Alkafeel awareness team conducted a symposium to raise awareness of the drug dangers in cooperation with the University of Kufa, at the college of Coeducation , Basim Baqir Jaryo Hall , on Monday morning 13 March 2023 , as entitled : "Drugs and Addiction : Effects, Complications and Success Steps.

    In the session were there Prof. Dr. Ahmed Hashim Al-Rifai , Assistant Prof. Dr. Hussam Ali Al-Obeidi, Prof. Dr. Hiam Hassan , College of Education, University of Kufa , with her research paper : "Digital Drugs" to touch upon the dangers of drugs and their social effects.

    The researchers stated that there are social factors that force the individual to deal with these fatal prohibitions : family problems or the family deterioration and inability of the young to exploit their time id doing cultural and sports activities. Moreover, there was a reference to the harm done to the lungs, heart, and blood vessels.

    Finally, the attendants expressed their great thanks and appreciation to the University of Alkafeel for its achievements and projects in serving the public interest.