College of Pharmacy Fourth Stage Students in a Pilot Test
2023 - 03 - 14

 The Faculty of Pharmacy at Universality of Alkafeel set a pilot test for the students of the fourth stage , clinical pharmacy , on Tuesday morning, 14 March 2023.

    The college provided the necessary requirements for performing the exam under the direct supervision of the college deanship , Asst.Prof.Dr. Sa`ad Mashkour Al-Ziyadi, vice-dean for scientific affairs , Lectur. Dr. Yasmine Ali Hussein, and vice-dean for administrative Affairs , Asst. Prof. Dr. Ali Al-Mayali.

      Here the latter supervised the process of logistical facilities for the performance of the exam . In this regard, head of the Clinical Pharmacy Branch, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Dakhil Al-Rikabi,said : “This subject is one of the important subjects that are included in the evaluation exams decided by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The aim of the pilot test was to invite the students to experience the exam atmosphere and to manage time in answering .