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University of Alkafeel Receiving Delegation to Develop Educational Process
2023 - 06 - 05

On Monday 5 June 2023 the University of Alkafeel chancellor , Prof. Dr. Nawras Mohammed Shaheed Al-Dahan, received Prof. Dr. Walid Ibrahim Al-Wali at Hamad Medical Corporation and a consultant in clinical microbiology, in the presence of the Education Commission at the Holy Al-`Abbas Shrine, Prof. Dr. Abbas Rashid Al-Moosawi , the college of medicine dean and his vice-deans .

    In a tour the delegation observed the campus and its facilities, the laboratories, classrooms, and advanced technologies at the university, as well as the various university infrastructures : the technical developments.

    In this regard, Prof. Dr. Walid Ibrahim Al-Wali expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation to the university for the cordial reception and hospitality. “We have various experiences and expertise in university research and development, we want to employ and benefit from them at the university of Alkafeel to be in the list of international universities . Moreover ,the joint programs and initiatives could be activated and benefited from at the university of Alkafeel” ,said he .