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College of Dentistry Conducting Universal Electronic Evaluating Exam under Ministerial Observation
2023 - 06 - 19

The College of Dentistry at Al-Kafeel University conducted a universal ministerial electronic evaluating exam for the fifth stage on Monday 19 June 2023, in the presence of the Dean of the College of Dentistry and the head of Deans Committee Dr. Raghad Al-Hashimi .

    Due to the instructions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the exams included four subjects: “pediatric dentistry, dental industry, dental treatment, and oral medicine.” The ministerial evaluating exam is a part of a series of universal evaluating exams for the rest of the stages.

Al-Ghanim said, "The examination procedures were done with high transparency and science, all logistical requirements were prepared, and 9 halls equipped with computers and programs designed to communicate with the ministerial platform for conducting the electronic exam

    Moreover, he referred to the success of the universal exam evaluation procedures, and the efforts and support of the esteemed university presidency, as well as the support of the Education commission at the Holy Al-`Abbas Shrine in developing the educational process, providing exam requirements and supplies, and a healthy and attractive university environment.