University of Alkafeel play a Host to Sixth Secondary Students
2023 - 06 - 21

  University of Alkafeel hosted the final exams for the sixth secondary students of the biology and literary branches. On Wednesday 21June 2023, more than 214 students from the biological branch and 141 from the literary branch achieved their exams as they were distributed to their halls in the College of medical and Health Technologies at the University of Alkafeel in line with the exam plan drawn .

The university provided administrative and logistical support and the requirements for the success of the exams. The college also made all preparations for cooperation. .

    It is noteworthy that the university of Alkafeel cuddled three examination centers for the sixth secondary students in its scientific literary and biological branches . The examination halls were distributed in the College of Medical and Health Technologies, which is done after certain acts of coordination between the Ministries of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Education.