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University of Alkafeel in Mourning Session on the Anniversary of the Martyrdom of Imam Zain Al-Abidin
2023 - 08 - 13

    University of Alkafeel held a mourning session in commemorating the martyrdom of Imam Al-Sajjad Zain Al-Abidin , peace be upon him, at the College of Dentistry on Sunday , 25 Muharram 1444 AH , 13 August 2023. In the event were there the rector the University , Prof. Dr. Nawras Mohammed Shaheed Al-Dahan , vice -rector for scientific affairs , Asst.Prof.Dr. Nawal Ayed Al-Mayali,  deans of faculties, heads of departments, and the personnel .

    The Husseini session began with a verse from the glorious Quran recited by the Mr. Thualfaqar Al-Sabri, then Sheikh. Then Sheikh Hafidh Al-Dujaili ascended the pulpit to touch on the chronicle of Imam Al-Sajjad and his role in the Taff battle and his revival of the reality of Islam and Muslims after the martyrdom of his father , peace be upon him, through the establishment of the school of Alsadyqein : Al-Baqir and Al-Sadiq ,peace be upon him. His activity was great in achieving the goals of the true religion and in confronting moral and social deviations and the Umayyad project that threatens the existence of sacred Islam. In a poignant ambience the sheikh concluded the session with poetic verses manifesting the calamities the master of the prostrating people , in prayer.