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Annual Mourning Session at University of Alkafeel on Martyrdom Anniversary of the Messenger
2023 - 09 - 13

University of Alkafeel held its annual mourning session to commemorate the martyrdom of the noble prophet in the college of dentistry , in the presence of the university rector , Prof.Dr. Nawras Mohammed Shaheed Al-Dahan, the vice-rector for scientific affairs , Asst.Prof.Dr. Nawal Ayed. Al-Mayali, College deans , administrative and teaching staff and all the employees.

    The acts of condolence began with a verse from Glorious Quran, recited by Seid. Ahmed Al-Mayali from the Holy Qur’an Institute , affiliated with the Holy Al-`Abbas Shrine, Najaf Al-Ashraf Branch. Then his Eminence Sheikh Abdullah Al-Dujaili ascended the pulpit to tackle the message of the prophet :

The Arabian Peninsula, before the Muhammadan mission, lived in the worst stages of its life and its affairs religious, economic, political and social , and suffered general chaos in all its angles . Polytheism, ignorance, and moral corruption became so salient features of the period and people were preoccupied with conflicts that led to fierce wars between them.

    Al-Dujaili added that the Messenger of Allah came to a society that lived in ignorance and brutality devoid of humanity, so over all he spread religion, peace, security, stability, love and tolerance . The conditions of our greatest Messenger before his martyrdom were a violent shock that moved the conscience of Muslims, and imam Ali (peace be upon him) supported the Messenger and he says:

    Peace be upon you, O Prophet, and His mercy and blessings be upon you. O Allah , we bear witness that he conveyed what was revealed to him , advised his nation and struggled in the path of Allah until He made His religion honorable and His word was perfected. O God, make us among those who emulate what Allah has revealed to him and make us firm after him and unite us with him, so the people say Amen, until the men prayed for him , then the women do and the boys do consequently . None of the companions who went to the shed attended the burial of the Prophet (may Allah bless him and his family) and prayed over him.

    Finally the mourning session concluded with poetic verses about his martyrdom and misfortune by a society that is ignorant of the truth of the greatest Prophet and his family in the sight of Allah Almighty. May peace be upon him the day he was born, the day he slumbers in peace and the day he is resurrected alive.