University of Alkafeel Calling Students for Higher Education Reading Award
2023 - 09 - 14

   On its official website, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research invited students to register for the Higher Education Reading Award to download its application on smart phones to participate in the test in preparation for taking the Higher Education Reading Award test scheduled for September 15, 2023. So, the participants can enter the testing platform from which information will be sent , Username and password , for each student via his university email. The competitors are urged to take into account the requirements and timings for the exam:

▪️ The test begins at 9:00 a.m. on 15 September 2023.

▪️ Access to the test platform exclusively is via the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research application.

▪️ Competition consists of 100 questions; each includes four choices.

▪️ Test Time is one hour and 25 minutes : 45 seconds for each question.

▪️ It is not possible to edit the answer after choosing .

▪️ Correction is automatic, and a score is assigned for each correct question, and the participant will know his score upon completion.

▪️ Selecting the top 100 qualified students to draw based on grade and total time of answers.

   It is worth noting that the number of registered students has reached forty-two thousand two hundred and sixty-seven students, and they will compete on the content of the book (Conditions of Renaissance) by the Arab thinker Malek Ben Nabi to win the competition prize “ one hundred million Iraqi dinars, to be distributed between twenty students : five million dinars for a winner.