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University of Alkafeel in Mourning Session on Martyrdom Anniversary of Imam Hassan Al-Askari
2023 - 09 - 24

University of Alkafeel held a mourning session on the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hassan Al-Askari at the university presidency in the presence of the university chancellor , Prof.Dr. Nawras Mohammed Shaheed Al-Dahan, the deans of the colleges , their vice-deans and the heads of departments . The session began by reciting blessed verses from His book by seid. Muhannad Al-Mayali from Holy Qur’an Institute , affiliated with the Holy Al-`Abbas shrine /Najaf Branch . Then his eminence Sheikh. Jaafar Al-Waeli ascended the pulpit.

    The sheikh reviewed the chronicle of Imam Al-Askari and his defense of the imamate after his father Al-Hadi for a period of 6 years, and he said that the Imam apparently lived as any one despite the censorship imposed on him by the authority that monitored all his movements and actions, as he lived under house arrest in a city where he was forced to live and to leave his original homeland , Medina, and being sent into prison by the unjust Abbasid authorities . Herew the lecturer shows the choice of the imam to choose deputies to communicate with his Shiites : Othman bin Saeed was one of his deputies who assumed the position of deputy during his life and after his death. There was a kind of severity and restrictions the imam endured . So, he was the first one using the method of correspondence, which was considered at the time one of the best means of communication with the Shiites of the Imam and his followers.

    In concordance with the sources, the Imam Hassan Al-Askari (peace be upon him) was martyred at the instigation of the Abbasid official after he was poisoned on the 8Rabi’ Al-Awwal 260 AH.

He was buried in the house where his father, Imam Al-Hadi (peace be upon him), was .

On this poignant occasion, the Presidency of Al-Kafeel University extends its condolences to Imam Al-Hujjah (may Allah expedite his honorable resurrection , the great scholars, and the Islamic nation, for the martyrdom of Imam Al-Askari (peace be upon him), and we ask Him to join us with those who emulate His path and who gain knowledge of Him.