Seminar at the College of Pharmacy on "Obesity is the Key to Diseases".
2023 - 11 - 20

The College of Pharmacy at University of Alkafeel organized a scientific seminar on "Obesity is the key to diseases" on Monday, November 20, 2023, in the Sheikh Al-Balaghi hall. The seminar, led by Asst. lectur. Ahmed Redha Abdul Jawad, discussed the issue of obesity and its increasing rates in societies and across different age groups. It highlighted the close nexus between obesity and several diseases such as atherosclerosis, respiratory problems, joint disorders, mental health issues, and general immune weakness. The seminar emphasized the impact of obesity on a set of hormones and cytokines in the human body and urged adherence to a healthy diet, physical exercise, and raising community awareness about the dangers of obesity and overweight.