Seminar at College of Medical and Health Technologies on Academic Accreditation: Goal or Means?
2024 - 01 - 13

 As part of the efforts to spread the culture of institutional and program accreditation, the College of Medical and Health Technologies  , in cooperation with the Quality Assurance and Performance Evaluation Department at the university, organized a seminar titled "Academic Accreditation: A Goal or a Means?" on Saturday, 13/1/2024. The seminar was attended by all faculty members and staff, presented by the Director of Quality Assurance, Lecturer Mohammed Zuhair Hassan, and the Head of the Quality Assurance Division, Lecturer Dr. Zaman Abdul Hussein Abadi. The seminar provided a detailed explanation of the concept of quality and academic accreditation, as well as an overview of institutional accreditation standards and the steps to achieve it. The workshop included discussions on documentation methods and data collection for institutional and program accreditation.