Strategies Against Poverty:  Seminar by University of Alkafeel
2024 - 05 - 07

  The College of  Pharmacy at the University of Alkafeel organized a seminar on “ Strategies Against Poverty " on Tuesday, May 7, 2024. The lecture was delivered by Asst. Lect. Heba Abdul Jalil Abdul Hadi Al-Kharsan to cover several important topics : defining poverty, presenting facts and figures about poverty, and discussing the Sustainable Development Goals that aimed at eradicating poverty. The lecture also addressed the importance of individual economic status and social protection. Al-Kharsan explained the concept of sustainable development from both Islamic and Western perspectives, focusing on Islamic solutions to poverty such as work, charity, solidarity, and compassion, as well as the importance of Zakat and Khums in achieving social justice. The lecture concluded that implementing Islamic principles can effectively contribute to addressing poverty. It emphasized the importance of innovation in various fields and created sustainable job opportunities by both governments and the private sector. Furthermore, it highlighted the significant role of science in finding solutions to the problem of poverty. The seminar was attended by a distinguished group of professors and members of the Pharmacy Faculty, who praised the lecture and its valuable content.