University of Alkafeel Representing Iraq in the Student Debate World Cup in Qatar
2024 - 05 - 25

Iraq participated with two teams , the first from the University of Alkafeel and the second from American University of Duhok, in the Student Debate World Cup held in Qatar. There were 100 teams from 60 countries worldwide . The university represented Iraq in this championship and excelled in various rounds.

    The tournament aims to encourage students to acquire high-level skills in expression, discussion, argumentation, and persuasion, in addition to boosting their self-confidence and developing their analytical and communication skills. The team from the University of Alkafeel faced three universities from different countries during the competition.

    From 96 teams competing, 16 teams will qualify for the final stage, while 80 teams will be eliminated from the competition. The university of Alkafeel emphasized that participating in such international tournaments contributes to the development of students skills and enables them to interact with diverse cultures and ideas, enhancing their academic and personal experience.