University of Alkafeel  Filling Position of Iraq in International Debate Championship , Qatar
2024 - 05 - 27

University of Alkafeel  participated in the Iraqi Universities Debate World Cup held in Qatar, representing Iraq among 100 teams from 60 countries. The university team excelled in various rounds, gaining victories against universities from Poland, Oman, and Nigeria.

    Asst.  Prof. Dr. Abdul Sahib Saad Jabran, a faculty member of the College of Dentistry and the representative of the University of Alkafeelteam in the tournament, explained that in the qualifying round for the top 16, which consisted of 6 rounds, the  University of Alkafeel won three rounds. This success underscores the exceptional debate and discussion skills of the team.

    Dr. Jabran highlighted that the participating university team included students : Ali Ammar Muhammad, Ridha Talal Muhammad Hussein, and Muhsen Omar Nasser, all from the College of Dentistry.

    This scientific competition aims to develop the students abilities in expression, discussion, and persuasion, enhance their self-confidence, and improve their analytical and communication skills. It also seeks to provide an interactive environment that encourages the exchange of diverse ideas and cultures, enriching their academic and personal experiences.

     The rector of the University of Alkafeel, Prof. Dr. Nawras Muhammed Shaheed Al-Dahaan, emphasized the importance of student participation in such international events, considering them a valuable opportunity to broaden academic horizons and develop the personal skills of the university students . He expressed pride in the outstanding performance of the university team and their active role they play as ambassadors of Iraq in the international competitions.