Head of Anesthesia Technologies Department Exploring Challenges and Future Directions
2024 - 01 - 13

The Department of Anesthesia Technology discusses challenges and future directions at the faculty meeting. The Department of Anesthesia Technology at the College of Medical and Health Technologies  held a faculty meeting on Saturday, 13/1/2024, chaired by Dr. Israa Abdul Amir Fleih. The meeting was attended by the department coordinator, Asst. Lecturer Sarah Star Jabbar, and faculty members. The meeting emphasized the importance of monitoring student levels and adhering to lecture times, discussing preparations for the first semester's mid-term exams. Dr. Israa focused on preparing exam questions and using multiple methods to enhance students' thinking skills. At the end of the meeting, Dr. Israa urged the lecturers to make further efforts, highlighting the importance of focusing on students as a fundamental pillar in society's advancement.