Seminar on the Role of Dexamethasone in Diagnosing Cushing's syndrome At the College of Pharmacy
2024 - 03 - 04

     The College of Pharmacy at University of Alkafeel organized a seminar on Monday, 4/3/2024, to discuss the use of Dexamethasone in diagnosing Cushing's syndrome, presented by Asst. Lecturer Husnain Ali Hussein. The seminar focused on the importance of biochemical tests in diagnosing Cushing's syndrome and the role of Dexamethasone in this context. It explained how the dexamethasone suppression test works, its role in reducing cortisol production to diagnose the syndrome, and check for pituitary tumors. The seminar concluded on the importance of using Dexamethasone for diagnosing Cushing's syndrome, noting that two different doses could be used for the test: a low dose to check for the syndrome and a high dose to determine the presence of pituitary tumors.