Lifelong Learning Center Organizing Lecture on “ Guide of Learning and Teaching Strategies
2024 - 04 - 07

    Reflecting its commitment to educational quality, the lifelong learning Center at University of Alkafeel organized a lecture on  A Guide of Education and Learning Strategies  on Sunday, April 7, 2024. The valuable lecture was presented by Asst. Prof. Dr. Iyad Saheb Hammadi, as a part of the university's efforts to gain institutional accreditation and improve educational quality. The lecture started with a comprehensive introduction to the concepts of strategy, education, and learning, followed by a discussion on the guidelines for designing and implementing educational strategies. It focused on understanding the differences between teaching and learning and the methods available to achieve each most effectively. An overview of the evolution of educational strategies from traditional models to modern ones was presented, emphasizing active, electronic, and blended strategies. The session also discussed learning hubs and offered methods suitable for different learning styles. The lecture concluded by highlighting the importance of self-directed learning as a fundamental step in the learning journey, tailored to the nature of the study materials, student needs, and available resources. This lecture is a part of the university's efforts to enhance the educational awareness of faculty members and improve students' learning experience, reflecting its commitment to adopting and developing best educational practices.