Immunological and Cytotoxicity Role in Treating Cancer Cell Lines
2024 - 04 - 14

    At the College of Pharmacy, University of Alkafeel , Asst. Lectur. Rasha Jabbar Jasim Al-Zamili presents a seminar titled "Immunological and Cytotoxicity role in Treatment of Cancer Cell Lines" on Sunday, April 14, 2024. The seminar addresses the effective role of immunity and cellular toxicity in treating cancer cells. It focuses on the mechanisms and strategies employed by immune cells and cytotoxicity in combating cancer cells, as well as factors influencing treatment efficacy, evaluation methods, and improvement strategies. A distinguished group of faculty members and affiliates of the College of Pharmacy attend the seminar, listening to the lecture and participating in the  discussions. This seminar marks an important step towards raising awareness about the latest developments in cancer treatment and fostering communication and interaction among members of this distinguished academic community.