Exploring Labor Law: Workshop on Legislation and Applications
2024 - 04 - 15

On Monday, April 15, 2024, a workshop on "Labor Law and its Applications" was held at University of Alkafeel, under the supervision of the Lifelong Learning Centre . The lecture was delivered by Asst.Lectur. Ali Thaaban Al-Shubaili, in the presence of the Dean of the Law Faculty and a number of staff members. The lecture covered fundamental concepts in labor law and highlighted the importance of issuing unified legislation to ensure the rights and freedoms of individuals worldwide, especially those related to the rights of workers and employers.

   The topics discussed varied; the first session addresses fundamental concepts such as temporary, casual, part-time work, and wages. The second session focused on the rights and obligations of employers, while the third session addressed the rights and obligations of workers. The fourth session centered on the termination of employment contracts.

    Each session was explained in detail, with questions and contributions from the participants, which added value and active interaction to the workshop.