Workshop on Writing  Conformity Report of Institutional Accreditation
2024 - 05 - 04

The Department of Quality Assurance and Institutional Performance Evaluation, under the supervision of the Lifelong Learning Centre at the University of Alkafeel, organized a workshop : "Writing Conformity Report on Institutional Accreditation" on Saturday, May 4, 2024. The workshop was conducted by Lect. Mohammed Zuhair Hassan, Director of the Department of Quality Assurance and Institutional Performance Evaluationand Asst. Prof. Dr. Abdul Sahib Saad.

     The workshop aimed to inform the subcommittees , responsible for preparing the self-assessment report, about how to write the conformity report in line with the requirements for institutional accreditation. It focused on several key topics, including the sections of the conformity report, the mechanism for coding evidence and how to collect and organize evidence to prepare a comprehensive conformity report.

    Additionally, the workshop covered the mechanisms for writing the final report and best practices for formatting information in a way that facilitates the evaluation and accreditation process. The workshop experienced active participation from the subcommittee members, who are engaged in discussions and inquiries about the report writing process and the organization of evidence. Such a workshop is a part of the University of Alkafeel ongoing efforts to enhance the quality of academic and administrative performance, marking a significant step in the university pursuit of institutional accreditation.