University of Alkafeel Receiving Delegation from Medicine College of Hammurabi
2024 - 05 - 18

The College of Medicine at Al-Kafeel University received an official delegation from the medicine college of Hammurabi , University of Babylon, headed by the Dean of the College, Prof.Dr. Hadi Muhammad Al-Moussawi, and his vice-deans for scientific and administrative affairs , on Wednesday, May 15, 2024. The delegation was welcomed by the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Al-Kafeel University, Asst. Prof.Dr. Samer Makki Al-Hakak , his vice-deans for scientific and administrative affairs and heads of scientific branches.

    The visit aimed to strengthen the foundations of joint collaboration between the two colleges, and to outline the map of the scientific and preparatory committees for the first conference of medical sciences of the Medicine College of Hammurabi , scheduled to be held in mid-September. The two parties also discussed the support mechanism for the conference by University of Alkafeel, which is one of the official sponsors of the event.