Researcher Tackling Educational Dimensions of Imam Hassan in Building Individual and Nation
2024 - 06 - 29

Asst. Prof. Dr. Sheikh. Ahmad Ali Al-Khafaji, Dean of the College of Law at the University of Alkafeel, discussed the educational dimensions of Imam Hassan in building the individual and the nation. The session occurred in the opening research for the Second Imam Hassan Conference, held as part of the International Imamate Week activities on Saturday, June 29, 2024.

    In his abstract ,Dr. Al-Khafaji explained that "Islam is the final message that aims to guide all humanity and organize the relationship between humans and their Creator, and their relationships with others as well” , “Islam ensures the happiness of humans in this world and the hereafter by organizing these relationships” he added . Furthermore, the education is one of the most important components of human personality and Islam seeks to enhance it through Quranic texts, noble hadiths, and the chronicles of prophets and Imams. The role of the Sunnah in providing a rich heritage that addresses educational and ethical aspects, noting that the Imams, particularly Imam Hassan (peace be upon him), guided and taught the nation through their behavior and teachings. The researcher mentioned that the life of Imam Hassan (peace be upon him) was full of educational and ethical knowledge, reflecting the value of the individual in the Islamic educational curricula . He confirmed that the research paper addressed some aspects of Imam Hassan : his worshipping acts , humility, and morals, highlighting the educational dimensions in his reformist approach to building the individual and the nation.

    The conclusion stresses that "Imam Hassan (peace be upon him) was a model of high morals in his dealings with his companions and enemies, making him a role model in striving to build an integrated society based on authentic Islamic values."