The College of Pharmacy at Al-Kafeel University conducts the pilot assessment exams
2022 - 04 - 12

Under the supervision and presence of the chancellor of Al-Kafeel University, Prof. Dr. Nawras Muhammad Shahid Al-Dahan and Assistant Professor Dr. Nawal Ayed Al-Mayali, the University chancellor's Assistant for Scientific Affairs, on Tuesday morning, corresponding to 4/12/2022, the experimental assessment exam was held for the students of the Faculty of Pharmacy, the second stage at the university. Al-Dahan stated that 268 students from The second stage of the College of Pharmacy has taken the physiology exam and in implementation of the ministerial instructions and with high flow

 He also praised the efforts of the Deanship of the College of Technical Engineering and the Department of Information Technology and their role in preparing all electronic facilities such as setting up computer laboratories and harnessing all their technologies to make the exam process successful. The guide to his exam seat and the preparation of the necessary requirements to perform the exam in an accurate manner.