University of Alkafeel: Study Session on 'Updating Pharmacy Curricula to Meet Labor Market Needs'
2024 - 04 - 07

As part of its efforts to enhance the quality of higher education and update curricula, the College of Pharmacy at University of Alkafeel organized a seminar : “ Updating Curricula to Meet Labor Market Needs: Challenges of Updating” held on Sunday, April 7, 2024, the seminar was presented by Prof. Dr. Mohammad Dakhil Al-Rikabi, head of the Clinical Pharmacy department, with the attendance of the dean's Asst. for administrative affairs, along with a gathering of teaching staff members . The seminar provided a platform for discussion on the mechanisms for updating the curricula of pharmacy colleges and the challenges faced in the updating process, aimed at meeting the changing requirements of the labor market and ensuring the curricula's compliance with program accreditation requirements.