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Exploring Electronic Communication Modes Between Iraqi Faculty and Students of Pharmacy Schools Using the Technology Acceptance Model


Factors influencing the degree of physician–pharmacist collaboration within Iraqi public healthcare settings


Antimicrobial utilization in an Iraqi province: a comprehensive evaluation of antibiotic source and cost


Comparative study for the Preventive effect of Quercetin and Trigonella fenum graecum extract in carbon tetrachloride induced hepatotoxicity at male rats

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A scientific department was founded in 2011, seeks to provide the community with dentists of high level of scientific, theoretical and practical efficiency, the teaching board consist of college instructors with Master and Doctorate. Degrees, and contains Education Halls and laboratories for basic sciences in chemistry, physics, biology, medical biology, and computer, in addition to specialized laboratories in dental anatomy, dental materials and manufacturing lab, Phantom lab and supporting Labs in medical sciences such as medical bacteria, diseases, and medicines, the department building contains specialized clinics include 50 dental chair and X-ray Lab, and five additional specialized clinics was rehabilitated in another building by fifty dental chair for each. The study in the department is five years for both genders in English language for the morning study, graduate is granted a Bachelor

A scientific department  that is founded in 2016, seeks to prepare pharmaceutical staff of scientific sober, who is able to provide the highest pharmaceutical and medical services of highest  levels, and keep abreast of scientific developments. Its management is run by scientific staff of competent, who has considerable experience in the pharmaceutical education, broad and deal with international universities in the field of pharmacy . The department  contains a large classrooms and specialized scientific laboratories (biological tissue, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, microbiology, drugs, physical pharmacy, pharmaceutical calculations, medical physiology, medical physics, anatomy and lab computers). The study period is five years for both sexes in the English language and for morning study. It gives the graduate a degree in pharmacy, and qualifies for the exercise of the profession of pharmacy and to complete postgraduate (Masters and PhD), and included by a central appointment to the Ministry of Health.

A scientific department was founded in 2011, seek to prepare specialized technical personnel and staffing to serve the various medical specializations, and work in governmental and private medical laboratories, and laboratory analyses and tests clinical chemical the study is four years for both genders, and in English language for morning and evening studies, the graduate will be given Bachelor degree in pathological analysis techniques, enabling him to work in hospitals, medical centers for the Ministry of health, that qualify the graduate to complete postgraduate studies (Master and Doctorate), the department includes (437) students divided in four stages, and the first batch of students will be graduated in the academic year 2014-2015.

Scientific department established in 2007, to study specialized knowledge in computer technology; to prepare specialized engineering personnel. The study is four years for both genders in English language, for both morning and evening studies, the graduate will be given a Bachelor

A scientific Department founded in 2004, specialising in legal Sciences with its multiple study fields (Iraqi laws, comparative legislation and the legal laws), as well as supplementary study subjects (Islamic law, economics, etc.), in addition to practical application in Iraqi courts. The study is four years for both genders in Arabic language, and English language is taught for one legal subject for all morning and evening studies. the graduate will be given a Bachelor

A scientific department was founded in 2012, specialized in the field of radio and television, seeks to prepare specialized personnel in information, the study is for four years, both genders and in the Arabic language, for evening sudy, the graduate will be given a Bachelor 

A scientific department that has been founded in (2004), specialized in the study of Islamic law (Sharia) in contemporary and comparative study, by studying the Quran and tafsir and Hadith and Fiqh and Usul al-fiqh, beliefs, speech, elaquence, literature, etc., and the period of study is four years and in the Arabic language, for both genders and both morning and evening studies, the graduate will be certified of a Bachelor

The department was founded in 2011, seeks to prepare staff  working in the tourism sector in both official and private institutions in accordance with the scientific international specifications, where four years of study, for both genders, in the Arabic language to evening classes, gives the graduates a Bachelor