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The head of the ministerial legation, Dr. Amer Salim Al-Amir, stated that "The University of Al-Kafeel is one of the most advanced and modern institutions of higher education, and it is always found as a bright case in the swiftness of achievement and development in the e-learning process, and that the success of the last year made by Al-Kafeel University through the Al-Siraj program, which provided a learning environment software built With Iraqi hands, which is a matter of pride in this field, as the application is very promising for Iraqi universities.

Al-Amir added, “The University of Al-Kafeel is leading on the universities and colleges of private education, as we monitor their progress on a continuous basis. As we were on a visit to the university in spring 2021, we found an enormous advancement and on the ground in comparison to what is read on papers. Today, Alkafeel is a university that abides to international standards in all areas and that distinguishes it from remaining institutions working in the information technology sector.”